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Are you ready to 
get off the 
for good? 

Hello there!
I was like you.  I've struggled with my weight for most of my adult life.  And I've tried. it. all.  Yep, all the diets out there.  Weight Watchers (twice), Isagenix, Slim Fast, good old calorie counting, even those HcG drops and 500 calorie days, and do you remember the Cabbage Soup Diet?  Yep, I've been on that rollercoaster for a LONG time.  I've bought all the books, the foods, the shakes, the pills, the memberships.

And here's the truth.  I was successful on ALL of them... For awhile. But then I got tired of giving up the foods I loved, or the hassle. None of them were a true lifestyle.  

But, I was so blessed to be introduced to a way off that rollercoaster and it was the BEST decision I made.  Now, I am so excited to help others find a way out, too.  And the best part?  No shakes, pills, or memberships required.  


I'm passionate about helping people

        • overcome years of yo-yo dieting mindset
        • achieve their ideal weight
        • reclaim their health

What if your life could be different?

Join my community where we support one another
No Judgment, Only Support
We call ourselves Oatmeal, Not Quite Granola.  Why? First, because we think we are hilarious, but mainly because we believe in living the best life you can, but we also believe in being real.  And real people are not always granola!