New Life, New Passion
The past few years I have been in a funk. I'm generally a happy person but I spent my life raising my children while going to school to better our lives and then moving into the work force. And I did it. I got two degrees while raising two young children. I worked through the ups and downs that come from being a single parent. And there were lots of ups and downs, let me tell you. I got a job and worked hard to continue to move up the ladder and I did well and got promotions.

I raised the kids to be functioning adults while working through some serious stuff with each of them. Things that I thought would literally kill them and likely break me. But we all three made it out the other side. And then the kids did what I raised them to do. They became independent and moved on. And left me to wonder, “Now What?”

Yes, I am a searcher, always searching for the next thing. Some call it ‘shiny object syndrome’ and let me tell you – I have it BAD!!! And this was no different.  So, I took a chance and moved to a new job in a new state thinking that would be just the ticket to jumpstart this new season in my life. And it worked...for a bit.... But like most things, external changes can only take you so far.  Dammit, you've got to change internally if you want it to really stick.

And then, a year in to my new ‘shiny object life’, in my new 'shiny object job', in my new 'shiny object state' we have a global pandemic and go into lockdown!!! Now I’m really thinking, “Now What?” To be honest, I was actually thinking, “What the ever-loving F&%K do I do now?!” I mean I had just started to make some friends.

So, for the first part of the pandemic, I did what everyone else did. I sat at home alone (remember the kids have moved on the little brats) and was depressed and ate too much and watched my already obese body get even more obese. And then in July I decided I had damn well had enough of all of this. And I did something about it. I tried another weight loss thing – yep, I’ve tried many over the years (shiny object syndrome, remember) but still my hopeful self was just that, hopeful, that this time would be different.

And guess what? It FREAKING WAS!!!! And it freaking IS!!!! It’s been 9 months, and it didn’t just change my weight, it has changed my entire life. It freed me up in a way I never imagined. It allowed me to reignite my passion again. The passion I kind of lost along the way while parenting, getting an education, getting a job, and just being in survival mode. all. the. damn. time!

Now, it’s turned in to not only a passion project, but a way for me to help others in the same situation to find their way out to the other side. In a less than a year, my entire life has changed. And all I see now are possibilities ahead of me.

Are you looking to change your outlook on life and find your passion again?  I'd love to help you. Reach out to me and let's see what we can do together.  You've got it in you, too - I know it.  

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