Boost Your Immune System  & Get Sick Less Often With Natural Remedies

With all that is going on in the world, now is the time to make sure your immune system is in tip-top shape. Here are a couple of simple ways to give your immune system a much needed boost.

Elderberry Syrup

Elderberries and elderberry preparations are a popular remedy in traditional medicine. Taking elderberry syrup at the first sign of a cold or flu infection could help prevent the infection from developing. A placebo-controlled, double-blind study (here) showed that 93.3% of flu patients given Sambucol (a formulation of elderberry extract) were completely symptom-free within two days. 

The rich content of vitamin C in elderberry means that elderberry helps improve your immunity and prevent infection.

Researchers from the Cleveland Clinic report that syrups made from elderberries boost the body’s immunity. This means that taking elderberry supplements can help to prevent a cold or flu infection from getting worse. To help keep your immune system strong, doctors recommend taking elderberry along with vitamin C, B6, and E.

Another reason why elderberry syrup and supplements are good for your health is due to the number of antioxidants. Research (here) has revealed that there over 70 different compounds in elderberries that kill off free radicals.

Read to the bottom for a recipe and make it fresh yourself.

Raw, Organic Honey

Raw honey is honey that has not been heated or pasteurized.  It contains natural vitamins, enzymes, powerful antioxidants, and other important nutrients.  The best part - raw honey has natural antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties - and it promotes digestive health.  What's not to love about that? 

Other benefits of raw, local honey is that it contains local pollen, which can strengthen your immune system, and even helps reduce pollen allergy symptoms.  Honey really is a powerhouse.

Added bonus - you need raw honey for that Elderberry Syrup recipe coming up. 

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Essential Oils 

Essential oils have long been used to help people stay healthy and above the wellness line.  Thieves® essential oil blend was inspired by the legend of four 15th-century French thieves who formulated and wore a special aromatic combination of clove, rosemary, vinegar, and other botanicals that they believed provided protection while they were stealing. French authorities recognized that there was such value in this mixture that upon the thieves’ capture, they received a more merciful punishment on condition that they divulge the ingredients in their secret formula.

Crafted in the spirit of that legendary combination, Young Living’s one-of-a-kind Thieves essential oil blend can be found in all our Thieves products. Featuring Clove oil, Cinnamon Bark oil, Eucalyptus Radiata oil, Rosemary oil and Lemon oil. Thieves imparts a spicy, welcoming aroma everywhere it’s used.

The Vitality version of this oil is amazing as an immune boosting powerhouse that can used internally. Like in that elderberry syrup recipe coming up!



Elderberry + Wolfberry Super Syrup Recipe       
YIELD: 3 Cups      TIME: 45 Minutes

Add wolfberries, elderberries and water to Instant Pot.  Cover and set manual time for 7 minutes and then allow for natural release method (another 15 minutes or so).  Open and strain the liquid into a glass pitcher.  Yield at this stage is around 4 cups.  Set aside berry solids and pour the liquid back into the Instant Pot and select Saute.  Reduce liquid by half (about 15-20 minutes).  Yield will now be about about 2 cups.

Mix syrup with the raw honey and stir well.  Yield should now be about 3 cups.  Add essential oils and stir. Bottle and store in the fridge in a glass container.  This recipe will stay good for many months.  To prolong shelf life replace half the honey with brandy.

Suggested Use:
Adults take 1 Tbsp per day during the winter cold and flu season.  Increase to every 2-3 hours when you need an extra boost.  Children 1-9 years take 1/2 - 1 tsp per day.  Not recommended for children unde 1 year.

Recipe courtesy of Lindsey Gremont at

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