21 Days. 7 Steps Forward

21 Days. 7 Steps Forward
If you could change your life over the next 21 days in ways that would positively impact all your tomorrows, would you set aside the time this month to do it? 

For the next three weeks, I’m issuing an invitation, a helping hand—a challenge. Join me as I guide you through all 7 major life areas, asking you to make small, but breakthrough changes in each area.

You might decide to:

• Investigate a new job, career or business opportunity
• Clear out the junk food and sugar from your kitchen
• Start taking walks after dinner with your spouse

Whatever dreams you have for your life, for the next three weeks, I’d like to challenge you to choose, then tackle, one thing in each area that you know you must accomplish to arrive at where you want to be.

To start off the 21-Day Challenge, let’s focus on a major stressor for most people: their finances. What could you do tonight after work to start making a major breakthrough in tackling your debt, cutting your expenses, saving for a major purchase, or otherwise lowering your financial stress?

Could you spend an hour to:

• List all your debts, then pay off the smallest one
• Cancel a subscription, meal kit, or service you rarely use
• Research companies and start an investment account
• Identify an unused item and post it for sale online

The concept of a breakthrough goal is something I learned from The Oola Guys – Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl, authors of Oola: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World. With so many stress points in life, they say, our lives can get out of balance. But narrowing our focus to smaller goals that are easy to achieve, we can start changing our lives for the better (often permanently). 

Are you up for that kind of life change this month? Watch for my posts, take action every day, and see what happens!