Hi, I'm Cathryn Knock and I help people reach their financial goals sooner.

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My mission is to help 10,000 families achieve financial independence.
 Even the most well-intentioned households can have a hard time becoming financially independent within their lifetime. Most debt-reduction programs leave little to no money for fun, and are only focused on paying off debt.  Oola Green Gap is different.

About Me

I've been there.  In fact, I didn't get my finances in order until I was 50.  In the past two years I've gone from bouncing checks to funding my base emergency fund and saving over $14,000 and paying for my trip to Australia with cash!

With the Oola Green Gap program you will learn the 45/45/10 approach to reduce debt, invest in your future, and have fun along the way!!!

Let me help you break the poverty mindset cycle and help you find freedom now!

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